“Lori is an extremely diligent and savy researcher. The intensity and commitment Lori displayed in researching and compiling our factual family history far exceeded expectations. Lori went to great lengths to trace our history which culminated in an outstanding book of infinite details of our family connections. Plus gaining an understanding “from whence we came” we have been reconnected to many lost relatives whom we now count as friends. Our family would recommend Lori as a researcher who stretches her limits to produce an exemplary product. – Darlene Thompson

“Lori’s research of the B26 bombing accident on D-day in Gillgham, Kent, England led her to my door because my cousin, Witcher Terrell Berger, was the pilot of the plane and because I had set up a memorial for him on FindAGrave.com. Lori gave our family details and photos of the incident that we had never heard about or seen and she presented it all with a careful respect of our family and the families of the victims both in the plane and on the ground. We will be forever grateful to Lori for sharing her research with us and for remembering those who died that day. Thank you, Lori.” – Roanna Cann

I have known Lori  for just a few years but in that time, I have followed with admiration her research into American USAAF casualties killed over England and then her research into a fire tragedy in Kent in 1929. This latter must be her crowning achievement and it would be hard for her efforts to be bettered. Most of her research was carried out in her home country with only one visit to the area where the tragedy occurred. Her work culminated in the erection of a memorial in Gillingham’s public park and her progress was taken up by the local media including TV.She was able to trace descendants of the tragedy, most of whom travelled from far and wide to attend the various ceremonies which she organized for July 2011. These ceremonies  went perfectly, all of which is entirely due to her outstanding organizing abilities. – Geoff Gillon

“I had the pleasure of seeing Lori’s work first-hand whilst she was reseaarching the Gillingham Park Fete Tragedy. From the outset, her passion and talent was abundantly clear, so I helped her campaign to get a memorial for the victims of the tragedy by creating and helping to promote a petition to Medway Council in England.

Lori’s hard work and dedication paid off when the council commissioned such a memorial. However, her work did not stop there. Despite living halfway around the world in Canada, Lori set about the task of tracing the living relatives of the victims. The real testament to her efforts and her talents lies in the fact that, when she stood beside the Mayor of Medway to unveil the memorial in July, it was witnessede by relatives of most of the victims, who had also held a privatee memorial service by their gravs earlier the same day. I would not hesitate to recommend Lori to anyone seeking assistance in researching their family and ancestral history.” Alan William Collins Founding Editor, Birmingham and Beyond

Comments from the Gillingham Park Fete Tragedy unveiling

Dear Lori
You are to be congratulated on all your hard work in bringing this to fruition. It was an honour to be in attendance on the day of the ceremony and I felt humbled by your sincerity, and also by your dogged determination to keep alive the memories of those poor unfortunates. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to be at Woodlands cemetery beforehand, but thank you for posting so many photographs on your website of the respects being paid by the graves of the victims. The whole website is a mine of information … absolutely superb. The opportunity to cross paths with you at long last certainly proved to be an uplifting experience. I was particularly moved by your very emotional address to all those gathered at the memorial, and I cannot describe the respect I felt for you and your untiring devotion in achieving so much. I was a pleasure to be able to assist in some small way. – John

It was a wonderful day, and great to see so many people there. The memorial is lovely and a fitting tribute, I was struck by how beautiful it was – even in silhouette before the unveiling. My other half lived opposite the park for over ten years and had never heard of the tragedy, so well done for all your efforts in commemorating the event and the lives lost. – Natalie
May I, in my own capacity, thank you personally for such a brilliantly executed memorial, today. It was pitched perfect, with just the right amount of gravitas at Woodlands Cemetery (where coincidently my grandparents, mother, her sister and brother are all buried) which gave gentle “permission”  for all families’ members  to express their deep emotion and pride in whichever way they chose. Thence to the park, with a welcome tea & bun  ~ allowing families to mingle and claim “ownership” of the unveiling. I am completely certain  part of today’s magic lay in the fact that by the time the actual memorial was unveiled, family members were genuinely, personally experiencing their own interpretation of that tragic day, which made the memorial so relevant and so honourably received. As I said in person to you, your speech was a triumph, you have put us to shame! Thank you for all that you have done. I know the effects will be far-reaching. -Jane

Lori, thank you so much for sending the photos of the memorial unveiling. What an amazing occasion you managed to arrange and how lovely that those firemen and cadets are now remembered so appropriately. It is difficult to comprehend how you could have located so many families and that they participated and that various members of the local council were so helpful. You have a major occasion of closure on a very, very sad situation to add to your family history. What does your mother think about the wonderful pictures and the memorial service? – Dorothy

Lori, what you’ve accomplished, from across the Atlantic, is nothing short of amazing. I was telling my son about what you’ve done and I cried. Your absolute reverence for Eric, and all of the others, none of whom you know, is priceless and inspiring. – Lisa
Lori – This is proof that one person’s determination CAN make a difference!!! Congrats, My Friend!!! U have touched the lives of many people!!! – John

I think it’s wonderful all the time & passion you’ve put into the Gillingham fete tragedy. To right some wrongs, to have the graves taken care of, and to remind people of this tragedy. – Teri

Well, what a marvellous day. Thank you Lori – it’s all down to you that I got to say a few words over my grandfather’s grave, and that I have become reunited with six cousins that I’d lost contact with. Can’t thank you enough. Very moving. – Richard

well done Lori..it was great to finally meet you in the flesh – John

Absolutely wonderful!!! A great tribute and accomplishment. The photos of the scouts and the firemen in procession…spans time doesn’t it. All those family members there to honor & remember their lives…very moving! – Annette

What a wonderful tribute Lori. You should be so proud of what you’ve achieved! – Jennifer

Impressive, wonderful turnout……….proud to know you – Barbara

The completion of a labor of love,well done Lori. – Steven

Wow, Lori. So proud of you!! Congratulations for fulfilling your dream and for providing a long overdue place to grieve. This is a heartwarming example of international cooperation. – Kevin

You should be very proud of what you have given to others, Wonderful! – Cliff


§ One Response to Testimonials

  • Mary Buckley says:

    You have given me the most precious gift, finding out about my dad’s past. Thank you Lori, I will be forever grateful to you. Mary Buckley

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